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​Here is some basic information on our private lessons:


  • The only cost is coach’s standard training fee, to be set by each coach.  THERE ARE NO COURT RENTAL FEES FOR CLUB MEMBERS OF MOMENTOUS VBC

  • There will be no more than 2 coaches per court, per hour.

  • No credit card payments; cash or check only.

  • Make all checks out to your individual instructor and hand payment directly to them.

  • Momentous VBC will provide the court, 10 volleyballs, ball cart and a hitting/blocking box for each private lesson.

  • Any Cancellations / Reschedules must be made 48 hours before the scheduled private lesson.


Please note: Momentous VBC does not make any money on private lessons.  We are excited to provide this service for the development of our Momentous athletes.


Alice Fry

Alice Fry

Cell: (949) 244-0256 Email:

John Gaido

John Gaido

Cell: (949) 433-5431

Alejandro de Mendoza

Alejandro de Mendoza

Cell: (626) 348-7246

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