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Providing athletes of all ages and skill levels the ability to play the sports they love in a positive and safe athletic environment.”

The Momentous Girls Volleyball Club is dedicated to providing an experience that will give young athletes skills in the sport of volleyball as well as in life. Whether it is in our Tier 1 Program or Tier 2, our coaches will make learning the game of volleyball exciting, while at the same time creating a competitive environment for those athletes who wish to excel at the sport’s highest levels.

Dedication, Teamwork, and Perseverance will be taught through a regimen of mental and physical training, skill development, and competition. Our athletes will develop confidence, discipline and a sense of pride in having done their best to achieve individual and team goals. Ultimately, our objective is to have athletes "Catch the Fire" in a sport that we are passionate about and to instill in them values and qualities that will serve them throughout their lifetimes.

Our unique training methods allow players to challenge each other while learning from our entire team of coaches.

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