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What is "Club Volleyball"

FAQ Sheet - 14 and Under


Q: What is club volleyball? 

A: Club Volleyball is a way for kids to learn volleyball through organized team play, as well as through individual instruction in a fun and structured environment.   Hundreds of thousands of boys and girls play club volleyball through the nation and the sport is gaining more popularity nationwide.  Players compete against other club teams through organized competition which is generally supervised by regional governing bodies.  In Southern California, the region is governed by the SCVA or Southern California Volleyball Association, which is a non-profit organization affiliated with USA Volleyball  which is the national governing body for amateur play.


Q: Who can play in the club?


A: We offer teams for girls of ALL ages and abilities.  Some players start as young as age six through our special youth programs.  Some players don't pick up a volleyball until high school.  Many adults have also grown to love the sport.  We offer teams for all youth ages 18 and under. 


Q: When does the club volleyball season start?


A: Practices in Southern California start in November.  The season runs from November through May or June in Southern California. (It may vary in other states.)


Q: What sets Momentous Volleyball club apart from other volleyball clubs?


A: We have experienced and knowledgeable coaches who will train your athlete to be the best volleyball player they can be, whether they are developmental players who are just learning the fundamentals of the game, or they are experienced players looking to play on teams that are competitive at the national level. We realize that winning is important, but your daughter's improvement is even more important.  We will help all players improve their game and help prepare older girls to play at the collegiate level and most likely obtain athletic scholarships.


Q: Who will coach my player?


A: One of the greatest strengths is our coaching staff.  Many, if not most, of our coaches teach the game of volleyball for a living.  Some of our "master coaches" work full time for Momentous, are involved or have been involved with Division I, II and NAIA collegiate programs, teach and coach at top high school programs throughout the nation, have played/coached internationally and/or are former national team players.   We are 100% confident that we have the most decorated coaching staff in the nation.  All of our coaches have a passion for the game and are committed to training our club players using proven training methods.  At Momentous, we utilize a team coaching concept, which means your player(s) will have access to all of our top coaches at certain points during practice times.   All teams will have an assigned coach who will direct their practices, but other "team coaches" will be involved in the training and development of all players.  As a result, your daughter will get personalized attention.  All coaches are required to pass background checks.  We invest in our coaches training to ensure that your player receives the coaching they deserve.  Please see our website for a complete list of coaches, complete with bios.


Q: Where will I practice?


A: All practices will take place at the new Momentous Sports Center: Orange County’s pre-eminent sports destination. The Momentous Sports Center boasts over $1,000,000 of low-impact Haro wood floors and features 22 indoor volleyball courts.  For the first time ever in Orange County, the Momentous Sports Center provides athletes the ability to consistently practice on the same day(s) of the week, at the same time, on the same court, year-round.  One of the many perks of playing for Momentous Volleyball Club is that there will NEVER be weekend practices!

The Momentous Sports Center is not just a place for kids. Directly across from a Pro-Shop sporting the latest in athletic apparel sits the facility’s full-service, million-dollar restaurant where up to 400 visitors can escape the noise, relax and watch television on any of the space’s 10 high-definition TV’s. Additionally, whether courtside, in the restaurant, or anywhere else in the facility, visitors will also be able to plug into high-speed WIFI from their phone, tablet, or laptop to browse the internet, place a wireless food order with the restaurant, or catch up on work.

Please note We couldn’t ask for a nicer facility in which to train our players!


Q: What do I need to do to tryout?


A: Registering for tryouts is easy!   Simply go to and click on the “Tryouts” image that appears on the home page.    On the following page, click on the button that says “Click Here to Register!”  Select the date and time you wish to attend and then provide us with all player and payment information.  That’s it!

Come to the gym about 15 minutes early to warm up.  We will process the paperwork, and give you a number or "penny" to pin on your shirt. Then, get ready to have fun.

We want you to have fun!  We encourage all of our players to bring a friend. That may ease any anxiety your player may feel. Remember, we have a place for your player.  Do not worry about "being cut" or "not making a team."


Q: What should I wear to a tryout?


A: Please wear comfortable athletic apparel. Most wear shorts, or spandex "bikers", and a t-shirt.  If you have kneepads, wear them.  Wear comfortable athletic shoes that you can move around/run in.  Don't worry if you don't have them. Many sites will offer reasonably priced kneepads for purchase.  (Kneepads will be included in your dues package.)  If you have ankle braces, then wear them. If you don't, then don't worry about it.  We may have those for purchase as well later in the season.  Of course, bring water to drink.


Q: Will there be a parent meeting at the tryout?


A: Yes, we will have a parent meeting for approximately 15 - 30 minutes during the tryout. However, most of the information that will be discussed can also be found on our website.  Of course, any questions can also be asked of our staff at the tryouts or via e-mail.  We also have a “Contact us” button on our website at just in case you forget to ask your question or think of a question after the tryout.


Q: I have a time conflict with the tryout. What do I do?


A: We offer multiple dates and times for tryouts; if you cannot make any of the tryouts listed, please contact us and we will set something up.


Q: Will my player be at a disadvantage if she misses the "first" tryout?


A: Absolutely not!  We realize that our players (and parents) live busy lives. We also realize there are many volleyball clubs to choose from.  We encourage that you come to the first possible tryout, but please do not be worried if you must attend a later date and time.


Q: I'm hesitant to tryout, because I don't want my daughter to "get cut" and not be able to play.  How many players make a team?


A: We have spots for all younger and developmental players.  All girls 14 and under will not experience any kind of "cut."  We realize that children all develop at their own speed, and that they all come in with a certain skill level. The purpose of our tryouts to assess each player’s ability and skill level so that they can be placed on a team that will motivate them to improve, play and have fun with players of similar skill levels.  Older girls can play on developmental teams as well. The only teams that have limited space available are our elite training teams.  Team sizes will vary. Younger teams will have fewer members on each team to ensure that playing time is maximized.


Q: My daughter is a little overwhelmed by the tryout process.  How can I help her? 


A: We encourage her to attend one of our youth clinics. This will allow her to meet the coaches, obtain a comfort level with what to expect and receive more personalized attention and instruction.  If she's nervous, have your daughter BRING A FRIEND.  Our coaches are all kid-friendly. We find that almost all players who attend a clinic want to come back again and again. 


Q: My daughter isn't very tall. Is Volleyball the right sport for her?


A: Volleyball is a game for all players.  Some of our best players are below average height.  Volleyball develops hand-eye coordination, and helps players learn about team dynamics.  All players contribute to the success of a team.  We encourage you to look at pictures of our teams. Our best players come in all shapes and sizes.


Q: I have a young player. What can you offer her? 


A: We are making an all-out effort to get our younger players into the gym.  Volleyball is FUN!  Training for our younger players focuses on developing friendships, valuing teamwork, building confidence, developing court awareness, and teaching developmental and age-appropriate technical skills.  A player's interest and skill level will determine the depth of technical training involved. Most teams practice for an hour a half, two times a week.  All players will play A LOT.  Our optimum team size will be 10-12 players. 


Q: I have a 13/14 year old.  What can you offer her?


A: The skill levels of this age group vary widely.  Almost ALL Momentous PLAYERS make their school teams.  We ensure your players are well versed in the fundamentals of the game. Players will be introduced to jump serving, proper hand/eye coordination, footwork, and arm swings.   Optimal team sizes are 10 - 12 depending on positions and skill levels.  We also offer private lessons, small group lessons, and position-specific training at an additional cost to any player that desires to do more and advance quicker than other players.  Just ask!


Q: Why is Momentous so focused on player improvement and competitive practices?


A: Momentous is so focused on player improvement because WE CARE.  In the end, we realize our customer is paying us to TEACH their child. We take this seriously.  Some of our competitors promote winning, winning, and more winning.  We like to win too. But there is more at stake. We know that if we teach your daughter well, and you can both see the dramatic improvement in her skills, (and hopefully in work ethic and goal setting and things outside of volleyball), then you will be a repeat customer. We have MANY, MANY players who return and get better and better. That's important to us. 


Q: Does Momentous have open spots on all "elite teams”?


A: Yes, we have open spots on ALL TEAMS.  We know there is a large talent pool in Southern California.  We know that players check out many clubs during tryouts.  We do NOT have any teams "picked" in advance.  Any rumors that we “pre-select” teams in advance of tryouts are just that: rumors.  Your daughter should tryout; be sure she talks to a coach to find out what team she would be best placed on.


Q: Do you offer sibling discounts? 


A: Yes.  We are happy to offer your family a discount for multiple players. Please call our office number (at bottom of FAQ's) to discuss.


Q: What kind of specialized training will you offer in addition to regular club training?


A: We will include position specific training for those players that want to excel and learn at a faster rate.  Specific position training will include setter training, middle blocker training, libero training, hitting, passing, and defense. These optional training sessions will be offered outside of normal team practices for a very nominal and affordable fee. If you are interested in such training, let your coach know or call our office.


Q: Do all players "make a team?"


A: At the younger levels, all players will make a team.  They will be assessed at tryouts and placed on a team with girls of a similar skill level. With 14's and above, spots will be offered to players based on ability. Some players will make a "number 1" competitive team (that may travel), while others will be placed on a developmental team.


Q: What if I don't make the “number one” team? 


A: Because Momentous uses a proven training system and spends time investing in our coaches, the level of training is very good across the board.  Each and every player in the organization has access to coaches from all teams and is encouraged to train with other teams if they miss a practice.  They will also have access to camps, clinics and private training for an additional fee.  Every athlete in our system will be pushed to play at a higher level relative to their experience and ability.  We will work very hard to place all club players in a situation where they will have the opportunity to improve.  In addition, because of our recent success, our club receives more attention from college coaches, and number 2 and 3 teams benefit from increased exposure compared to other clubs.


Q: Will all players have equal playing time?


A: All players will play all the time at practice.   Our younger players will play A LOT.  Developmental teams playing time at tournaments will be distributed fairly evenly.  At more competitive levels, playing time is "earned."  Players are expected to work hard in practice, to do more, to train harder, and to work hard to earn more playing time.  ALL PLAYERS WILL PLAY in tournaments.   The extent of the court time will vary depending on the team.  Remember, one of the goals of the older teams is to prepare our players for collegiate play, where playing time is NOT equally distributed.

Q: My player is involved in other sports. Will this be a problem? 


A: We realize that many players are still trying to experience other sports as they develop. We encourage this. For younger athletes, cross-training is a great experience and helps develop the muscular system in different ways.   If your player has to miss a practice, she is welcome to come to another team's practice.  We would encourage you to look at the list of tournaments dates posted on the website to ensure that your player can attend most of the tournaments.  Her team will be counting on her.   Elite teams required a high level of dedication. Please talk to a coach about this.


Q: What about uniforms?


A: Club dues include the cost of uniforms, but you will also have the opportunity to purchase additional uniform items if you want them.


Q: I like what Momentous has to offer, but my daughter wants to play with her friends at another club.  What should I do?


A: Encourage your daughter to bring her friend to a Momentous clinic. Players love our coaches!  After teaching a skill like jump serving, or correct platforms for passing, or 4-step approaches, our players improve and many are eager to make the switch between clubs.   As the parent, you are the final decision maker.  You will be making an investment in your daughter.    We encourage you to discuss the potential returns on your investment with your daughter and make the best choice for your family accordingly.


Q: I'm not sure my player is serious about volleyball.  Am I over-committing her?


A: Many players get "hooked" on the sport and really enjoy the team comradery.  For our younger players, the social aspect is almost as important as the playing aspect.  Most younger teams practice a total of 4-6 hours a week.  Many of our players remain friends for many, many years.  (In fact, so do their parents.)  Tournaments are a great way for families to spend time with other families.  It's also an excellent way to ensure your player stays physically active.


Q: We know a good coach we would like to refer to Momentous.  Who do we contact?


A: Please call our Corporate office at (714) 389-7900 or contact Dan Gwitt at they can also send a resume/bio to him at that e-mail address.


Q: My daughter has played for Momentous in the past.  Is she allowed to come back?


A: Yes of course.  We are familiar with the "grass is greener" scenario. When players do leave to try out another club, we often get them back. We welcome everyone back with open arms.


Q: I have more questions.  Who can I contact?

A: Any questions can be asked of our staff or coaches – please visit our website for their contact information.  We can also be contacted at our corporate office at (714) 389-7900 or by emailing

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