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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Private Volleyball Training


Q: I play for another local volleyball club; can I still train with you?  


A: Absolutely! We train players from multiple clubs throughout southern California. All athletes, regardless of their club affiliation, are welcome!  Play for the club of your choice, but train with us!  Our athletes travel to us from all over the southern California – we even have players who travel to us from as far away as Bakersfield and San Diego to get the best technical training around.   Your club team spends most of its practice time focusing on what’s best for the team – to increase the team’s chance of winning!  Since time is limited, most club team coaches don’t have time to assess an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and work specifically with one player at a time. Our private volleyball training is designed to do exactly that!  Our private training focuses on YOU and YOU ONLY during your lesson time.  Based on our coach’s individual assessment of YOU, a custom-tailored workout will be built to fit YOUR NEEDS!


Q: Where will the training take place?  


A: All private volleyball training will take place at the new Momentous Sports Center: Orange County’s pre-eminent sports destination. The Momentous Sports Center boasts over $1,000,000 of low-impact Haro wood floors and features 22 indoor volleyball courts.

The Momentous Sports Center is not just a place for kids. Directly across from a Pro-Shop sporting the latest in athletic apparel sits the facility’s full-service, million-dollar restaurant where up to 400 visitors can escape the noise, relax and watch television on any of the space’s 10 high-definition TV’s. Additionally, whether courtside, in the restaurant, or anywhere else in the facility, visitors will also be able to plug into high-speed WIFI from their phone, tablet, or laptop to browse the internet, place a wireless food order with the restaurant, or catch up on work.

We couldn’t ask for a nicer facility in which to train our players!

Q: What can I expect during a 1-hour session? 

A: Your private lesson will be custom-tailored FOR YOU.  The first part of your lesson will be spent determining what YOU want to work on.  If you would like, one of our top coaches will assess your level of basic skills and will work together with you to determine where time will be best spent.  As a result of this approach, you will see improvement right away; chances are, your club coach will too!    Remember, we work with YOU.  Your private coach will custom tailor their coaching style to best meet your learning style.  More importantly, we will teach you at YOUR PACE. Our experienced coaches can quickly gauge what type of learner you are.   For instance, are you a “doer”, a “thinker”, a “feeler”, a "visual learner” or a more of a “trial & error” style of learner?  Once our coaches make an initial assessment, our coaches then adjust their method of training to suit your style. We focus on the skills which require most attention.


Q: Who can benefit from private lessons? 


A: ANYONE who wants to take their game to the next level! Private lessons are perfect for players trying to get the most out of the game of volleyball. Whether you are a beginner, or you play at the junior high, high school, club, college or university level, the individual attention our coaches provide will allow you to achieve your goals faster and more effectively than any other method of training. Private lessons are also the most efficient way to iron out any bad habits in technique that may have accrued over the years. We have developed a unique and reliable training system which consistently delivers results and allows our athletes to reach their full potential as quickly as possible.  We train your muscle memory one step at a time until that fundamental body movement or skill becomes naturally fluid and habitual. During this process, we keep you aware of the game-type situations you are practicing in order to keep everything relative and concentrated.

Q: My daughter just feels like she needs a one-time “tune up.” Can a private lesson benefit her?

A: Sure!  There are many reasons to invest in private training. Some of these reasons are longer term in nature, but we are also here for those players that just need a “tune up.”  Here are a few common reasons why players utilize our private volleyball training:

  1. A player is struggling with a certain or specific volleyball fundamental.

  2. A player is experiencing a slump and requires a different coaching perspective.

  3. A player is new to the sport but can’t find any training programs.

  4. A player is knowledgeable in beach volleyball but new to indoor volleyball.

  5. A player preparing for school or club tryouts.

  6. A team is preparing for a big upcoming tournament.

  7. A plater wants to jump higher, hit harder, react quicker and move faster.


In our experience, once a player realizes the benefit of one-one one training, their short term one-time “tune-up” will naturally turn into a longer term quest to improve.   Once this occurs, a player’s rate of improvement is rapid.  Your game will improve in a few short hours!


Q: My club team practices 2-3 times a week. Can I really gain anything from private lessons? 


A: YES!  Remember, your club team is focused on the TEAM’s GOALS.  With 10 -12 other players on the court, the coach’s instructional time is limited and repetition of the required movements is limited.  Most of the court time is spent on developing the TEAM.  As a result, very little time is actually spent addressing YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS.  Private lessons are 100% focused on YOU and making YOU BETTER. This individual attention will naturally result in rapid improvement – and most will likely be noticed by your club coach.  This may increase your playing time!

Q: What are some of the basic skills I can expect to learn during my private lesson?


A: These basic skills include:

  • Serving - Zone/spot serving (float, short, medium and deep); standing serve (various techniques); jump serving (Jump-float or hard topspin), serving mentalities and strategies.

  • Setting - Body position, hand and finger position, proper footwork and squaring up, jump setting, dumping, shots and attacking, decision-making and demeanor.  We have coaches who specialize in setting who have trained some of the best setters in the nation.

  • Blocking – Proper footwork, hand positioning, body action, reading (eye sequences), positioning and techniques, and swing blocking.

  • Hitting/Spiking - Approach patterns and acceleration, hand, arm and body action, different weapons (tips, roll-shots, tooling the block, high hands, corner shoots, cut shots), seeing the block and reading defenses.

  • Passing - Accurate serve receive (“sweet spot”), proper posture and movement, side passing and shoulder dropping, down ball passing (front & back row).

  • Defense - Ready position, split step dive, roll (shoulder/ log), Digging (forearm/ beach dig), J-stroke, read & react


Q: Can taking private training lessons help increase my daughter’s chances of receiving a scholarship to play volleyball in college?


A: YES!  Most college recruiting occurs during the club season and college coaches are very aware of our reputation and commitment to developing successful student-athletes. Our coaching staff is well regarded by collegiate coaches for honesty in promoting our athletes.  We know what skill sets college coaches are looking for, and we can help you improve in each one.


Q: I am committed to playing in college.  Can your training help me achieve a college scholarship?  


A: Our Coaching staff has helped over 300 student athletes go on to play at college; in fact, most of these students received full-ride scholarships.  Playing in college is demanding and requires not only an above average skill set, but the ability to balance academics and volleyball.    A college player must also learn to play under duress and to be able to handle the pressures the college life brings. We have been through the process many times. We can help you with the training necessary to develop your play, and can also help you with goal setting.  By training with us, you will gain access to all of the college relationships we have developed over the years.  If you want full-service recruiting help, we have a partner who can help you in that regard. Just ask!


Q: Private lessons seem like a big investment in time and money.  What can I expect in return? 


A: Although we can’t promise a college scholarship, we have a proven track record of preparing athletes for college.  We are willing to put in as much work as you are in preparing your player for the college game.  The best return on your investment is a college scholarship!  Most college scholarships range between $30,000 - $50,000 per year!  It takes commitment, hard work, and extra time training to become a college-ready student-athlete.  We are here to partner with you in your quest for that scholarship.


Q: How do I register? 


A: Registering for private volleyball training is easy.  Simply go to, and click on the large “Book Private Lesson” button at the top of every webpage.  This will take you to a screen where you can read more about our private volleyball training and select the coach of your choice!

Q: What should I bring with me to my private volleyball training?


A: Come dressed to play, and bring water.  More importantly, come with a good attitude, a willingness to learn, and the desire to take your volleyball game to the next level!

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